Last Activity Dates allows users to see when the Target, Lead, Contact, or Account was last communicated with. It can also drill down to each activity type and quickly create a list of customers or prospects that haven't had contact within a set timeframe, making it perfect for account management, sales, customer service, and other customer-facing departments.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4838 URGENT! - This message arrived this morning. What happened? **EnableLastActivityDates package failed validat Bud Hartley Closed Bug?
#4741 Entering license validation key throws error - When I enter my license id and click validate license, it throws the error message: **Error** fi leahkelly Closed Bug?
#4719 Dates are not populating after three days - Editing and saving records does not populate the dates - Maybe you can provide some direction? I created reports for the Accounts and Contacts modules tha Bud Hartley Closed Bug?
#4716 Populate Missing Dates not happening - I successfully installed the Add-On yesterday, and I placed the four Activity Fields in the Record L Bud Hartley Closed Bug?
#4715 Not in the On-Demand Environment - Unfortunately, despite being told it can be installed in the On-Demand Environment, it can't. Bud Hartley Closed Installation
#4714 Installation Fails in On-Demand Environment - Scanning Package Installation failed! The package you are attempting to install does not confo Bud Hartley Closed Installation
  • "My earlier review said: "Basically works with a minimal impact to system performance." that rating and my text was based on the issues we experienced..." - Bud Hartley

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