Last activity allows users to see when the Target, Lead, Contact, or Account was last communicated with. It can also drill down to each activity type and quickly create a list of customers or prospects that haven't had contact within a set timeframe, making it perfect for account management, sales, customer service, and other customer-facing departments.

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Know the last communication time and method used for your SugarCRM records

Last activity is a SugarCRM add-on that empowers users with the functionality to see when a CRM target, lead, contact, or account was last communicated with, plus the ability to drill down to each activity type.


Last activity Service Features and Benefits:

  • Quickly see when an email was last sent to or received from the Target, Lead, Contact, or Account
  • Instantly see when a call was last held with the Target, Lead, Contact, or Account
  • Promptly see when a meeting was last held with the Target, Lead, Contact, or Account
  • Immediately see when the last contact was made with the Target, Lead, Contact, or Account
  • Easily create a list of customers or prospects that haven't had contact within a set timeframe
  • Make viewing and reporting easier for the Sugar user without the need for complex formulas

How it Works

The fields will automatically populate when the record is saved or a related activity record is updated/linked, with the newest date of the corresponding record type (Call, Meeting, and Task). The Last Activity field will calculate based on the latest of these fields to display the most recent activity of any type. From version 2.0.3 on, this also includes dynamically linked emails which display in a Target/Lead/Contact/Account subpanel based on the record's email address rather than a direct relationship link.


Use the Last activity fields within reports on Contact, Accounts, Leads, Targets report_fields.png

Report on the fields in the same way as any other datetime field la-filter.png

Changes in this Release (v2.0.3):

  • Automatically runs "catch up" schedule on install for historic dates
  • Includes Last Email dates of emails dynamically linked to Targets/Leads/Contacts/Accounts where email address matches, even if the email record isn't physically related to the record in the database. This ensures that the most recent email seen in the Emails subpanel has its date reflected into the Last Email/Last Activity fields as expected.
  • Last Activity dates now automatically roll up via schedule to parent records (e.g. related Account of a Contact).
  • Update method has been reworked to use a scheduling method to perform date correction, rather than simply being triggered by the Save of a related record.
  • Rollback of dates to cater for activity records being changed from Held to a previous state (e.g. Scheduled) or unlinking of related activity records. This ensures that the most recent activity dates seen on the Target/Lead/Contact/Account are always in line with what is seen in the related subpanel data

Last activity opens up so many usage possibilities for your Sugar users. Try it today.

Watch our latest video on Last Activity here

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  • "My earlier review said: "Basically works with a minimal impact to system performance." that rating and my text was based on the issues we experienced..." - Bud Hartley

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