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#2598 - Undefined index: entry in /var/www/...../public_html/custom/include/Google/ContactHelper.php on line 30

Closed Bug? created by greg1 5 years ago

As soon as I enabled google to "Google to Sugar" I started receiving the following via email every 5 minutes.

From: Cron Daemon Subject: Cron <root@server01> cd /var/www/; php -f cron.php 2>&1

Body: PHP Notice: Undefined index: entry in /var/www/...../public_html/custom/include/Google/ContactHelper.php on line 30

The contacts don't seem to be syncing from google either. Calendar items work fine.


  1. greg1 member avatar


    5 years ago

    Is there a fix for this or a way to get more diagnostic info? I'm getting 288 emails a day.

    • rolustech member avatar

      Rolustech Provider Affiliate

      5 years ago

      Hi Greg,

      Please share your server's SSH credentials with us at so that we can fix the automated emails issue along with the contact syncing issue.

      Thank you.

      Kind Regards, Rolustech Support Email: Website:

  2. greg1 member avatar


    5 years ago

    Thanks for fixing the email issue. I removed the module as per the instructions. When I try and upload the the new module that you sent via email, I get the following error.

    ZIP Error(0): Status(0): Arhive(upload:// Directory(/var/www/...../public_html/cache/upgrades/temp/mCLFGk)

    Could the file be corrupt between the email transfer then download to my computer?



  3. greg1 member avatar


    5 years ago

    I found the file in ./uploads in the main folder for the SuiteCRM site. I ran unzip -tv and it came back with no errors to it seems like the integrity of the zip file is good.

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