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#3612 - Information for non administrators

Closed Feature created by ITS4U 4 years ago

Hello, We're currently evaluating the Data Quality Analyzer plugin which seems interesting. However, it seems that access to the DQA information is restricted to Admins.

Would it be possible to have contextual dashlets for "normal" users? Eg in record or list views Would it be possible to store the % of completion on the record so that it can be displayed in list/record views?

This would help users "own" their data without waiting for an admin to send "punishment emails" :)

  1. simplesaas member avatar

    simplesaas Provider

    4 years ago


    Thanks and appreciate your suggestion.

    As you quoted, this add-on is currently restricted only to Admins. However, we will take this new feature request to our development team and try adding it in our next release soon.

    Regards, Support Team, Simple SaaS Solutions

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