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This dashboard helps SugarCRM admins to view and download missing data across key modules instantly. It helps them saving bucket loads of effort and time each month which they would spend otherwise in building Sugar reports and manual analysis.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#3943 Ability to filter the data within Modules - Hi One key feature that would help make us purchase the potentially plugin would be having the fi Savuka Open Feature
#3864 SugarCRM v8.X.X Support - Hi Team Currently wishing to evaluate your plugin in conjunction with a Sugar v8 instance, howeve BLZ Open Installation
#3612 Information for non administrators - Hello, We're currently evaluating the Data Quality Analyzer plugin which seems interesting. However ITS4U Closed Feature
#3611 Unable to access configuration page - Dear team, I'm trying to evaluate your module on the SugarCRM demo portal. I downloaded vers 1.0 fo ITS4U Closed Installation
  • "It chops off more than 80% of the time in just one click that we used to spend."

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