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This dashboard helps SugarCRM admins to view and download missing data across key modules instantly. It helps them saving bucket loads of effort and time each month which they would spend otherwise in building Sugar reports and manual analysis.

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This Dashboard helps SugarCRM Admins identify the data gaps across key modules that are required in various business development activities including campaigns, sales forecasts and strategies, both at module and user levels.

They get a complete picture of the missing data both at User and Module levels, through which they can easily locate what is missing where and who is responsible for what, through simple charts and downloadable reports.

It helps improving your;

Productivity - No more building sugar reports or fighting with excel formulae Data Quality - Identify and improve data completeness Campaign Effectiveness - Add more value to your campaigns with more data Business Strategy - Take data-informed decisions with complete data set Sales Forecast - Know the complete status of your sales pipeline



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  • "It chops off more than 80% of the time in just one click that we used to spend."

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