by techloyce

An integrated, intelligent web chat tool for SugarCRM. Embed this chat tool into your website and manage your conversations directly from SugarCRM. See your web visitors, web visit history, and chat history as you are working with a visitor.

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Installation Guide

Installing the Add-on

Get the SugarIQ for SugarCRM-7

• Go to your Purchases and locate the SugarIQ for SugarCRM. • Download the module as a zipped file to your computer.

Load the Module into Sugar CRM

• Login to your Sugar CRM account. Click Admin to go to the Administration Home Page and under Developer Tools click Module Loader. • Click Browse to navigate to the location of the module zipped file on your computer. Click Upload, the uploaded module displays in the bottom panel. • Click Install, when the installation is completed to 100% it will automatically shows the following window which will ask you to enter your License key which will be found under your Purchases.

• Here you will enter your license key and click on Validate. If your license key is not correct an error message will be display. Note: You can get your Licence key by following the steps on licence configuration screen.

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