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Oops! Did you mean to delete that? Restore deleted records and relationships without any developer intervention.

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The Ultimate Undo

Accidents happen. That's why most admins will set roles to prohibit users from deleting. But now you can see your deleted records in a list view within Sugar and undo unintentional deletions with Upsert® Trash Bin.

Upsert® Trash Bin

Key Benefits

View and Restore Deleted Records

The Trash Bin view on enabled modules will display a list of that module's deleted records and the option to restore each one as needed. Admins may also grant deleted-record visibility to selected teams, roles, and users. Based on the selected configuration, the chosen users will be able to see and restore only the records that they deleted themselves, or only the deleted records that are assigned to them, or any record that they could see by virtue of team membership before it was deleted.

Restore Deleted Relationships

Users with Trash Bin access will be prompted to re-establish relationships that were lost when a restored record was deleted. They can also browse the related-record history of any record, making it easy to restore relationships that were accidentally broken by a user performing a careless mass update or unlink action.

Emergency Recovery

No need to worry, Upsert® Trash Bin can be installed post-mortem of a delete to recover records.

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System Requirements

Upsert® Trash Bin is compatible with:

  • Sugar Sell (all Editions, Serve, Enterprise, and Professional products
  • Versions 11.0 and higher
  • Hosted in SugarCloud or on-site

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