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Quickly see and review the Status of ActiveCampaign marketing emails along with their Lead Scores from your SugarCRM. The SugarActiveCampaign add-on helps users effectively reach contacts via marketing efforts from ActiveCampaign and view them in Account, Leads, Contacts and Target List modules on SugarCRM side. It supports on-premise deployments.

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User Guide

ActiveCampaigns and SugarCRM

ActiveCampaigns is the Add-on for Sugar CRM that provides the easiest, fastest and secure way to send Marketing Emails from Sugar CRM in any of the Account, Leads, Contacts or Target List modules. Get Contracts, NDAs, and use features much faster. You can get started in about 60 seconds!

How it Works

By using this add-on in Sugar CRM you can send Contacts, Leads, Accounts and Target List from Sugar and build log details.

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• Install this add-on after uploading it using module loader in administration section of your Sugar CRM. image 1.png

• After installation, a link will appear at the bottom of administration section from where you can set your SugarOutfitter's license and ActiveCmapaigns credentials. image 2.png

• Provide your SugarOutfitters license key and validate. After that, provide ActiveCmapaigns credentials (API URL, API key) and click on “Authenticate API” button to validate API. If you receive the success message as shown in the second image below, then your credentials are correct image 3.png image 4.png

• Save the Mapping List with Sugar CRM modules and select the check boxes if you want to sync Existing or any Newly created records in Sugar CRM and then, click on save button: image 5.png image 6.png

• After save the settings, you will need to save fields mapping. Click on the link shown in the screenshot below: image 7.png You will be redirected to mapping view, where you will select the module name and save the field mapping: image 8.png Now, click on save button to finish your settings configuration image 9.png


• Sync Existing Records: If you mark the Existing Records Sync check box as true while saving configuration settings, then it will automatically move all existing record like (Contact, Accounts, Leads and Target Lists). Here we have only marked the Contacts module check box as true, so, all the existing contacts will be created in Activecampaigns in whatever Activecampaigns list you selected during settings configuration. Please see the image below: image 10.png We have also set the Schedulers in Sugar CRM for syncing existing records. Please see the image below: image 11.png Now, you will be able to see the Existing contacts getting synced in Activecampaigns list: image 12.png image 13.png

• Syncing New Records: Now we will create a new contact in Sugar and this contact will be automatically created in Activecampaign because we have already marked the new sync record checkbox as true on setting page: image 14.png image 15.png image 16.png The procedure is same for Leads or Accounts modules.

• Update Records: Whenever a record is update in SugarCRM , it is automatically updated in ActiveCmapaign as shown in the images below where we will update contact name and phone number: image 17.png image 18.png image 19.png

• Delete Records: Whenever a record is deleted in CRM in Accounts Leads or Contacts module, it will be automatically deleted in ActiveCampaigns.

• Target List Syncing: We can also sync Target List's existing and new records from SugarCRM to ActiveCampaigns. We have a target list in SugarCRM and the name of that list is Test Target List. And ,this target list currently has one account and one lead. Our target list mapped with Test Techloyce List in ActiveCampaigns as seen in the image below: image 20.png

You can also see the existing records in target list are also getting created in Activecampaigns in mapped list: image 21.png image 22.png

Now we will link a new Account and Lead in target list and then, you'll see automatically new linking record created in mapped ActiveCampaigns list:

• Add New Record in a Target List: Whenever a new record is linked in a target list in CRM, it will be automatically created and mapped Activecampaigns list, please see below: Create new account in CRM image 23.png Link in CRM target list image 24.png image 25.png image 26.png

    Record created in ActiveCampaigns and also associated with the mapped list

image 27.png

• Unlink a Record from the CRM Target List: When any record gets unlinked from target list in SugarCRM, then it will also get automatically unlinked from ActiveCampaigns list: image 28.png image 29.png

• Sending Campaigns from SugarCRM: image 30.png

Now you are seeing a stats getting created in SugarCRM against each campaign list record linked with the specific campaign sent. See the images below: image 31.png image 32.png

Campaign opened by the user: image 33.png

Status updated in SugarCRM against that specific user: image 34.png

When any subscriber clicks on any link in campaign email then states will updated with clicked message in CRM as given below: image 35.png

All stats of the records that are created in ActiveCampaigns module in CRM, you will also see be able to see the stats of those records in Sugar CRM.

On Premise Supported

If you host your own SugarCRM server or you are using SuiteCRM then SugarAdobeSign is fully supported. We do not support Sugar's On Demand service at this time. If you are not sure what that means then you will be clear to try out our add-on.

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