Highlevel Overview

Developed by the team at Techloyce, SugarActiveCampaign is a SugarCRM add-on that provides an easy, fast and secure way to review the status of marketing emails from ActiveCampaign in any of the Sugar Account, Leads, Contacts or Target List modules. Get contracts, NDAs, and use features much faster. You can get started in about 60 seconds!

How it Works

This add-on enables your business to review email communication statuses of contacts, leads, accounts and target list records from ActiveCampaign, plus build log details.

Install SugarActiveCampaign after first uploading it using the module loader in the administration section of your SugarCRM.

SugarActiveCampaign for SugarCRM module loader configuration

After installation, a link will appear at the bottom of the administration section, where you can set your SugarOutfitters license and ActiveCampaign credentials.

Some of the many helpful functions for easier email marketing

Sync Existing Records: If you mark the Existing Records Sync checkbox as true while saving configuration settings, then it will automatically move all existing records like Contacts, Accounts, Leads and Target Lists. Below, we have only marked the Contacts module checkbox as true, so all the existing contacts will be created in ActiveCampaign in whatever ActiveCampaign list you selected during settings configuration.

We have also set the Schedulers in SugarCRM for syncing existing records. Now, you will be able to see the Existing contacts getting synced in ActiveCampaign list.

Syncing New Records: Now we will create a new contact in Sugar and this contact will be automatically created in ActiveCampaign because we have already marked the new sync record checkbox as true on setting page.

Synced records in SugarCRM

Synced records in ActiveCampaign

Sending Campaigns from SugarCRM:

Example of email campaign opened by the user:

Customer email campaign using SugarActiveCampaign add-on for SugarCRM

Status updated in SugarCRM against that specific user: When any subscriber clicks on any link in the campaign email, stats will get updated with clicked message in SugarCRM. All stats of the records that are created in the ActiveCampaign module in SugarCRM, you will also be able to see the stats of those records in SugarCRM.

Sugar On-Premise Supported

If you host your own SugarCRM server or you are using SuiteCRM, then SugarActiveCampaign is fully supported. We do not support Sugar On Demand service at this time.

To learn more about this solution, go to SugarActiveCampaign or search for "email marketing."