Last Activity Dates allows users to see when the Target, Lead, Contact, or Account was last communicated with. It can also drill down to each activity type and quickly create a list of customers or prospects that haven't had contact within a set timeframe, making it perfect for account management, sales, customer service, and other customer-facing departments.

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Installation Guide

Installing the Add-on

1. [Step 1] It's recommended that you backup your SugarCRM before installing any module or upgrading.

2. [Step 2] Download the files from the package you purchased: 1. last-activity-dates zip file 2. enable engage installation and user instructions PDF

3. [Step 3] For installation instructions, please follow the enable engage installation instructions contained in the PDF included in the downloaded package.

Note: you must be a SugarCRM administrator to install the enable engage package.

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  • "My earlier review said: "Basically works with a minimal impact to system performance." that rating and my text was based on the issues we experienced..." - Bud Hartley

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