Having peace of mind when it comes to effectively securing your CRM system and the customer data it holds is absolutely priceless. If you are not sure what add-on products can help or how to get started, we have created the following list of customer favorites to help you protect and defend your SugarCRM platform.

SugarOutfitters security add-ons

1. CRM Defender

This robust add-on introduces a safe barrier against brute-force and dictionary attacks. Using CRM Defender, you can automatically ban IP addresses from where failed login attempts come, so any new request from a marked IP will be rejected by the .htaccess file and the client will receive a 403 error.


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2. Maintenance Mode Module

Need to turn off access to SugarCRM temporarily while you upgrade your servers? Doing a big code deploy and want to avoid any issues with users? Simply turn on a Maintenance Mode message which disables logging into SugarCRM.

  • Allows administrators to activate a mode that keeps users logged out
  • Allows administrators to allow certain users to log in again by giving password protected access
  • Installs in a few minutes by Sugar Module Loader

Maintenance Mode Module for SugarCRM

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3. Sugar 2FA

Get an extra layer of protection by adding 2-factor authentication to your SugarCRM. In this case, a potential attacker needs more than just your username and password credentials. Users do not need to remember any additional information; they just need to access the authentication app installed on their mobile phones and enter a temporary 6-digit security token as the second step of the login process.

Sugar2FA SugarCRM add-on

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4. Password Management Ninja

With Password Management Ninja, you can seamlessly save your critical password information right within your SugarCRM platform where you and your team spend time. Combined with the built in SugarCRM security and Security Groups functionality, you can limit what team members see what passwords. Best of all, you can link specific passwords and credentials to your Projects and Accounts stored in SugarCRM.

  • An easy to use module to store and access your passwords in SugarCRM
  • Pre built forms for FTP servers, SSH, Control Panel, Root credentials, and more
  • Relate credentials to your SugarCRM Accounts and Projects for quicker access to client related credentials
  • Compatible with SecuritySuite and SugarCRM Roles to limit what users can see credentials

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5. SecuritySuite - SugarCRM CE Teams

Not every employee needs complete access to your CRM data, which is the entire idea behind the SecuritySuite add-on for SugarCRM Community Edition versions 6.5.2 to 6.5.26. This popular solution helps you reduce risk of data theft by enabling you to quickly and easily create security groups, giving the right people access to the right data. All of this limits your security risk without hampering the efforts of your team members.

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