One phrase you may hear in the CRM world is that your CRM system is only as good as the data that is housed by the system. If you have bad data, then you have bad reports. If you have bad reports, you're probably making bad decisions. One of the symptoms of a system with bad data is one that has duplicate data. Having duplicate data in your CRM system can cause a lot of confusion within your organization, as well as communicating inconsistent and duplicate information to your customers.

One of SugarCRM's Gold Partners, Atcore Systems, has solved this problem with their add-on: DeDupit - a module for automatically deduplicating SugarCRM data

DeDupit allows you to create custom processes that will automatically search through your SugarCRM data, find duplicates based on your custom duplication rules, and automatically resolve the duplicates for you. If you'd rather manually resolve the duplicates, DeDupit will build a list of the duplicate records so that you may manually resolved the duplicates as you please.

To prevent duplicate data, out-of-the-box SugarCRM tries to check for existing data when creating new records, but only for the Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Bugs modules. The DeDupit module allows you to create rules for what is considered a duplicate in the system for all modules, even the custom modules, in your system.

If you're fighting duplicate data in your system, save yourself a lot of time and effort right now by buying DeDupit today. After only a few clicks, your system will automatically do the deduplicating work for you!

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