CRM rollouts don't end at go-live. It takes ongoing, intentional work to ensure long term success. Synolia knows this up close and to help with that they have created a solution that helps you know when your CRM users are getting frustrated and need some help. This open communication helps you to then address those lingering issues so that they can be successful.

Highlevel Overview

User Satisfaction is a module made by Synolia, enabling any user to give monthly his feedback regarding the CRM, through the Sugar web client. This module is a valuable ally for any Product Owner, allowing him to track the membership and satisfaction of users in CRM.

Get User Feedback

This module only records one feedback per user per month, so if any user clicks on the « User satisfaction » icon, the CRM will display the record view pre-filled with the last update given by the user for the current month. Any user can modify the feedback he has already given for the current month by clicking on this menu.


To learn more about this solution go to User Satisfaction for Sugar or search for "satisfaction".