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Are you wondering if your employees are satisfied with your CRM ? User Satisfaction gives you the answer ! This module allows you to collect feedback from your teams regarding the use of your tool and thus, to adapt it according to their feedback. It's up to you !

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User Satisfaction, satisfaction at every level

Measure the satisfaction of your users

You are convinced of the usefulness of your CRM but don't know if your teams are satisfied with it? Don't ask yourself this question any more and adopt User Satisfaction which allows you to measure the satisfaction of your users. Two options: collect global feedback (satisfied, moderately satisfied, not satisfied) and/or more specific comments in the form of verbatim. On the user’s side, the action is intuitive and on the administrator’s side, the processing of responses is simple and efficient.

Promote CRM user adoption

For your SugarCRM to be used to its full potential, it is essential that each of your employees makes it a part of their daily work! However, CRM adoption is not always easy... With User Satisfaction, you know what your teams appreciate in your SugarCRM and what frustrates them. These feedbacks allow you to adapt your tool so that it meets all of their needs. Your teams won't be able to work without it !

Align your CRM with functional needs

Your SugarCRM is a real ally in the daily management of your business. But for it to really be so, it must absolutely meet the needs of all the business lines of your company. By collecting the opinion of your teams on the use of your SugarCRM with User Satisfaction, you can easily know if it is aligned with the real life of your business. If it is not, it is up to you to adjust the way it works!


User Satisfaction allows you to :

  • Measure the global user satisfaction of your SugarCRM
  • Collect feedback from your employees directly in Sugar
  • Choose the measurement format that suits you: icons/comments
  • Create satisfaction surveys
  • Calculate the percentage of satisfied, moderately satisfied and dissatisfied users once a month
  • Adapt your SugarCRM to the needs of your teams
  • Set up actions to ensure that your CRM meets your expectations and those of your employees
  • Promote SugarCRM adoption within the whole company


Why should you trust Synolia?

As the first historical partner to SugarCRM since 2004, Synolia maintains a close and preferred relationship with the software company. They have carried out many complex and diverse projects together and keep on working hand in hand to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. As the first French partner and only Elite partner in France to SugarCRM, Synolia has the largest pool of expertise in the country with more than 20 certified employees.


With more than 15 years of experience in CRM projects, Synolia offers modules that are fully tailored to your needs and easy to use. If needed, Synolia can also assist you with their implementation and management. All you have to do: send an email to Our team will get back to you quickly.

Check out the User Guide for more examples of what you can do with User Satisfaction module.

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