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Quick Info is a SugarCRM add-on that helps users view linked records with no clicks. Investigate related information as deeply as you need without wasting time switching windows or tabs.

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Are you tired of making hundreds of extra clicks every day from viewing linked SugarCRM records?

SugarCRM users waste hours of time clicking on links and opening tabs to gain more knowledge about leads, customers and any related information in the CRM. This process is both distracting and time consuming!

Quick Info is a SugarCRM add-on that helps users take a deeper look at contacts and linked records without clicking and switching windows. Instead, “infotips” containing helpful linked information will appear when users hover their mouse over links to records in the CRM.

Quick Info Features

Simple to Use

Employ Quick Info add-on so that SugarCRM will feed you the record data whenever you hover over the link of your interest. Investigate relationships as deeply as you need without switching windows, just surf from one link to another link in infotips.

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Quick to Implement

Use a dozen out-of-the-box infotips and activate the ultimate SugarCRM data browsing experience for all users at a time. All for just $149 per year for the company.

Flexible to Configure

Add new infotips and specify the required fields for each type of the link (either standard or custom) and let Quick Info serve you in the best way possible.

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* Free 30 day trial