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Striking Features. A Completely Rethought UI. Give your users a familiar user interface that makes them more efficient and effective with SugarCRM CE. Powerful features abound such as favorites, quick reminders, subpanels as tabs, and unlimited dashboards. On top of the click reducing interface, these feature make it a must-have tool for any organization looking to improve their bottom line.

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Beautiful UI for SugarCRM CE

Inspired by top applications like Facebook and Google, this theme for SugarCRM CE adds a beautiful UI to Sugar along with additional must-have features like favorites and reminder notifications.

Google Theme Detail

The Design Principal

The key in designing this customized SugarCRM theme was to reduce the Screen elements by focusing on what you need to be successful. Optimization was done to remove the clutter and wasted space. Key components were rearranged to work the way you and your eyes work by moving elements on the screen to follow the natural top-to-bottom and left-to-right progression. Furthermore we pruned away the bulk to reduce load times on the theme with less images and utilizing the latest HTML5 technologies.

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Feature Rich. Here are the Highlights

The Google Style Sugar Theme is more than your typical theme. It, of course, includes all the standard enhancements of any of the well styled SugarCRM themes, but on top of that adds key functionalities that enhance the usability and reduces clicks for the user.

  • Mark records as favorites which will then show up in the module menu dropdown.
  • Complete restyled Interface, complete metro style icon set used
  • Multiple Desktops on the Home Screens for each user
  • Configurable and hideable Side Bar
  • Action Items on literally any record allowing to set Favorites, a quick one click reminder and a PostItâ„¢ Style Quick Note Functionality
  • Sidebar widgets and a user configurable sidebar area
  • Foldable Bottom Toolbar with well-organized key information
  • Customizable Colors for the theme with an easy Color picker in the Admin Section
  • Configurable option to display Subpanels as a sequence of tabs rather than stacked in a long list reducing the need for scrolling.

Full a complete walk through of all the features check out the PDF Theme Documentation

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