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Striking Features. A Completely Rethought UI. Give your users a familiar user interface that makes them more efficient and effective with SugarCRM CE. Powerful features abound such as favorites, quick reminders, subpanels as tabs, and unlimited dashboards. On top of the click reducing interface, these feature make it a must-have tool for any organization looking to improve their bottom line.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#3293 SugarCRM v6.5.26 - Web page says 6.5.26 is supported but when I install v2.7.5 Sugar says it is not compatible with thi johnmurray Open Bug?
#2203 Multiple Desktops - Hi, Is it possible to create a new Desktop and make it available to all users? Thanks! jgribben Open General Question
#1891 Entity too large - Running 6.5.22 Build 1055 I try uploading to Sugar and it tells me: 413 Request Entity Too Large brandon2 Closed Installation
#1535 Is your theme responsive? - Hi Is your theme responsive? Vladimir vpekez Open General Question
#1417 SuiteCRM - will this theme work with the latest version of SuiteCRM? If so, do you have any sense if updates w tzu1998 Open Installation
#1315 Yearly subscription - The company I work for purchased this add-on last year. We tried it out on one of our Sugar sites la nathan1 Open General Question
#1004 how to change login screen logo? - I can't realize the way how to change the logo on login screen? $390 product should have this featur AndreyDemidov Closed General Question
#960 "Dowload list of Errors" link not displaying in 20Reasons Theme - Hi Support, We are using 20 reasons theme for sugarCRM CE 6.5.14, when we are trying to import re VijayKanugonda Open Bug?
#870 We are using Sugar CE 6.5.17 - This plugin's supported versions are 6.5.2 to 6.5.16 while we are using 6.5.17. On installation it Knowlarity Communications India Limited Closed Installation
#782 Bottomlinks not visible (print, top) - The style.css hide the bottomlinks by default. The users don't have anymore the specific print frien vincentaudoin Closed Bug?
#662 Can't add dashlets on home page - Purchased this theme out of curiosity a few months ago. There appears to be one major drawback, user indraneel Closed Bug?
#658 Text boxes are hard to see - Hello I just purchased and installed the theme. I have noticed that the text boxes when entering or bryan1 Closed General Question
#599 Blank sidebar - I have version 2.7.2 installed on Sugar version 6.5.12. The sidebar is blank and I'm not able to cre nathan1 Open Bug?
#445 Support for Sugar 7.x (will pay for development) - Hi I've sent several emails over the last couple of weeks to your office email address but I have Otty Closed Feature
#422 Installer Stops at 17% - We purchased the theme yesterday. The theme failed to install on 6.5.16 and logs as follow: Faile sales1 Closed Bug?
#393 Sugar 7.1.5 - Does this work with the latest Sugar Enterprise theme? Do you offer a trial? carla.hickies Closed General Question
#344 Installation error 6.5.16 - Hi there, I have just purchased this them. On installation it freezes at 17% and outputs the foll techsupport Closed Installation
#319 Update Failed - I tried to update from version 2.6.8 to version 2.7.2 on SugarCRM CE 6.5.13 Installer stops at 17 andreas.epping Closed Bug?
#266 2.70 Update does not fix "Reminders" bug... - It was out understanding that the 2.70 update would address 2 things we had concerns about: 1) "Remi mrlaw10 Closed Bug?
#253 20Reasons Theme not playing nice in IE with Editable DetailView FULL - Hi, We bought 20Reasons theme from the site and it installed great and looks great. However we h DeclanClancy Closed Bug?
#252 QuickReminder puts date as one day earlier under "Reminders" section - Hello Christian, We're loving your theme !!! Here's an odd thing ... When we create a QuickReminder mrlaw10 Closed Bug?
#251 One-Off Fee - HI i work for Janet in the uK a not for profit organisation providing networks to education and rese robcollyer Closed Bug?
#249 Increase clickable area of links to include entire <li> field ? - Hi Friends, LOVE this theme. My user has complained that when she hovers over a "link area", the bl mrlaw10 Closed Feature
#243 Issue with theme - Hi, I installed the Google-style theme and it was working great with KReporter 3.0.5. I noticed tha ryancrist Closed Bug?
#229 User passwords - Is there a way to make the user passwords able to be set in by the admin. During our testing we not mrlaw10 Closed Feature
#228 issue during install process on SugarCRM 6.5.15 - The installation process got stuck at 17% with the following error msg : ************************ Alex Closed Bug?
#205 Install error - When I clicked the Commit button the theme installed to 17% and then stopped. The log shows the fol hartkena Closed Bug?
#190 A version for 6.5.14? - Is there a version for 6.5.14 in the pipe line? Baught this for a client and had trouble getting it salesagility Closed Feature
#156 Upgraded to 6.5.13 and lost sidebar on left hand side of screen - Theme was working good in 6.5.12, upgraded to .13 and the Sidebar is now missing. gekkota Closed Bug?
#150 cannot install with sugarCRM CE 6.5.13 - When installing form Module loader I have the following error and the gauge is stuck at 17%: Failed vectalis Closed Bug?
#147 Procedure for upgrading Google Theme - How does one upgrade the theme? I don't see instructions for upgrading from one version to another. rldev Closed Feature
#146 Google Theme - Christian why doesn't Sugar Outfitters recognize that I purchased this theme? I want to download the rldev Closed Feature
#141 Other languages - translation of the theme - Hi, Is it possible to use another language for the theme?. I use Sugar in french but some labels (li Integrator Closed Feature
#138 Warning errors in login page SugarCE 6.5.12 (Build 1046) - I got these two Warnings in login page after installing the SugarTheme: Warning: array_merge() [ Integrator Closed Bug?
#128 Problem on login - After the login, a blank screen appears to the user. However, if the same user enters the "index.php madeiramadeira Closed Bug?
#82 compatibility with other extensions - Hello there. The theme looks promising, but before buying I would like to know it it is compatible w jernej Closed Feature
#77 Cannot install Twenty Reasons Theme on SugarCRM - Hi, I get the following error when trying to install the Twenty Reasons Theme for SugarCRM: Fail Pieter Closed Bug?
#70 google theme - Do you have a live demo of the theme I could try? rldev Closed Feature
#63 User Doc / how to - Do you have a ready to go documentation that we can pass on users? thx, mzaleski Closed Feature
#54 Install and display issues with SugarCRM 6.5 - The favorites and reminders don't work Looking at the SQL insert you can see why: Query Faile michaelalanstuart Closed Bug?
#51 please re-record the Demo ! the Voice is too quiet / v hard to understand - needs re-recording ! DJUser_UK_Kent Closed Feature
#49 unable to re name home page / cannot access dashlet - Hi, I am unable to rename the home and add remove dashlets. The mouse over the home button does n mzaleski Closed Bug?
#45 Upgrade? - What is the license term for this template? Do we get free update? monkeylw Closed Feature
#43 newly purchase bug - 1. The Theme doesn't work "out of the box" on 6.5.4 CE. All interface crashed. 2. No User's manual lukum21 Closed Bug?
#41 Missing admin link at the bottom - Hi, Just upgraded to 2.5.1 and noticed the admin menu link that existed at the bottom right is no fxws Closed Bug?
#38 See shortcuts twice - Current version 6.5.9 I have all menues on the shortcuts listed twice... seems there is a bug on ground15 Closed Bug?
#30 Tabs Not Available After Import - After running an import, the tabs are hidden -- so you can't switch over to Duplicates or Errors. akardell Closed Bug?
#29 More menu - Hi, We have a long list of custom modules and I noticed that there is no way for me to see the co fxws Closed Bug?
#28 Errors on 6.5.2 CE instance - Hi, I applied 2.4.1 hoping it would correct some other bugs I saw after installing 2.2 last night fxws Closed Bug?
#27 Error installing 2.4 on Sugar CE 6.5.2 - Not sure what to do about this one: Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/r6cAUy/CorePackage_CE_6.5. fxws Closed Bug?
#21 user profile button or hot link not visibile - I just bought this product, when i login as Administrator or another user, the "Hot link" to be able dennismarek Closed Bug?
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