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DocMerge EU Region Setter ensures that your on-premise customer data never leaves the EU when using DocMerge with Sugar Enterprise in accordance with privacy laws.

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Eliminate risks to your GDPR compliance

Sugar Enterprise on-premise is configured to use a US-located DocMerge service by default. For EU-based on-premise customers, there can be compliance risks when transmitting your customer's personal information to US-based servers. In particular, when transmitting EU customer personal data to US-based servers, there is a risk of violating privacy laws such as GDPR.

To mitigate the risk, your customer's data must remain within the borders of the EU.

For Sugar on-premise users located in Europe, DocMerge EU Region Setter updates DocMerge configuration from the default US server to an EU-based server in a safe and simple way.

How DocMerge EU Region Setter Works

This add-on changes the configured URL used by DocMerge from the default US server to an EU-based server by simply installing this Add-On. This Add-On configures your Sugar instance to use the DocMerge service hosted in Frankfurt, Germany.


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