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SugarCRM Survey Plugin With Survey Rocket, a SugarCRM survey plugin, you can build surveys that trigger automatically to get real-time feedback from customers. It gives custom survey templates, online polls and more. Moreover, you can use the CRM data using inward and outward piping mechanism.

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#3016 - Survey Rocket and Opportunities Module/Custom Modules

Closed General Question created by jtrumbore 5 years ago

Can Survey Rocket pipe data from the Opportunities Module or a custom module in Sugar

  1. Biztech-primary-contact member avatar


    5 years ago

    Hello Dear,

    Right now we are providing data piping feature for Accounts, Contacts, Lead and Targets module as those are the primary modules to send survey. Yes, It is possible to do data piping for opportunity or any custom module. But for that we need to understand your business need for the requirement. Please share your requirement on . we will come to you with a suitable solution.

    Regards, Biztech

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