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#2318 - Event - "Information URL" variable

Closed General Question created by fletch 6 years ago


We've installed the EnableEvents plugin and setup a new campaign/event and added some email templates, URLs, and so on.

I used the redirect variables for Accept and Decline in the email template. Worked a treat. But the "Information URL" that you request on the event form, does not have a variable documented. It seems a little odd to ask for this URL, but not appear to use it anywhere in earnest. I'm wondering if you really do ask for this URL, but then don't actually use it in email templates or otherwise for tracking the event registrations. Or is there an undocumented Information URL variable that you can specify in email templates?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks Fletch

  1. enableit member avatar Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago

    Hello Fletch,

    This field can be added to your email templates using the same method as adding an accept/decline link. By highlighting a piece of text in your template and clicking on the hyperlink button, you can insert this variable:$eit_events_information_url which will then contain any link you have saved in the 'Information URL' field.

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