Create and manage all of your events & bookings right from within SugarCRM. Send out invites to your guests, speakers, and sponsors. Create landing pages for both accepting and declining invites. It's everything you need to run your event right from Sugar.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4684 Cancel future renewals - We will no longer be using Sugar at our organization. Can you tell me how to cancel and remove the a fgoss Closed General Question
#3607 Email Invitation Queue - Hi Guys After I set an invitation to send, it sits in an email pending status for a very long tim Sanjay Closed Bug?
#2318 Event - "Information URL" variable - Hi We've installed the EnableEvents plugin and setup a new campaign/event and added some email te fletch Closed General Question
#2193 Running into some issues - I'm currently busy setting up an POC and running into some problems. I installed the plugin on a sug jjtbsomhorst Closed Bug?
#2112 Not runing with version - It looks like the version is not running with version Are you already working on an updated sgeo Closed Bug?
#2014 German Language Support - Is EnableEvents available in German,too? sgeo Closed General Question
#1459 Support for Possible Sale - We are currently working on adding EnableEvents to one of our customers' CRM. Quite a bit of customi Geraldine Lim Closed Installation