Create and manage all of your events & bookings right from within SugarCRM. Send out invites to your guests, speakers, and sponsors. Create landing pages for both accepting and declining invites. It's everything you need to run your event right from Sugar.

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Event Booking Management has come to Sugar

enable events is a Sugar customisation developed by which allows you to manage events and bookings in Sugar. Custom invitations and reminders can be sent and responses automatically recorded in the CRM.

Events Module

Create and manage events storing information such as

  • Event types
  • Event date
  • Event costs
  • Customised invitation and reminder templates
  • Customised accept and decline redirects


Event Bookings

Manage invitees from Targets, Leads, Contacts or Reports. Set information per booking as to invitee role, invitee status and get automatic invitation responses recorded from email clicks.



We are always looking for feedback to enhance the customisation. Please send your thoughts, comments and ideas to help us to improve future releases.