by zagosweden

Using Community Edition as Project Management software and want your users to get an email when the are assigned to a Project Task? Simply install this fix for SugarCRM CE and your users will be notified upon being assigned to any Project Task.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#2164 request for refund - Hello, Well, this do not meet my expectation. This module only create email for creating of new p jay1 Open Bug?
#1899 change format and fields of notification email - Is there a way to include additional fields and/or format the email notification sent from project t WebWorkz Open Feature
#953 Email notification enabled for Project Task - Emails Not Working - I just installed the Email notification enabled for Project Task add-on and it isn't sending em guy13 Open Bug?
#325 Would not complete install 6.5.16 - gets to 100% Display log ebuilding ActionViewMap... Rebuilding ActionFileMap... Rebuilding Acti wd Open Installation
#233 Project Task notification emails - Is there a way to customize the email notifications? dgreene Open Feature
  • "Notifications work well, but are very basic. would love to have the ability to customize the email." - dgreene

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