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Using Community Edition as Project Management software and want your users to get an email when the are assigned to a Project Task? Simply install this fix for SugarCRM CE and your users will be notified upon being assigned to any Project Task.

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#325 - Would not complete install 6.5.16

Open Installation created by wd Verified Purchase 9 years ago

gets to 100% Display log ebuilding ActionViewMap... Rebuilding ActionFileMap... Rebuilding ActionReMap... Rebuilding Administration... Rebuilding EntryPointRegistry... Rebuilding Extensions... Rebuilding FileAccessControlMap... Rebuilding Layoutdefs... Rebuilding GlobalLinks... Rebuilding LogicHooks... Rebuilding Menus... Rebuilding Include... Rebuilding Actions... Rebuilding UserPage... Rebuilding Utils... Rebuilding Vardefs... Rebuilding JSGroupings... but does not finish

When returning to module loader still shows in the uploaded grid below. not installed

  1. walkerdaniels member avatar

    wd Verified Purchase

    9 years ago

    finally got message No $installdefs Defined In cache/upgrades/temp/vymdw1/manifest.php

  2. simpledave member avatar

    zagosweden Provider Affiliate

    9 years ago

    Hi Daniels,

    Please try to unzip the package and replace the file save.php to your server 'custom/modules/ProjectTask/Save.php'. Let me know if it works.


    • walkerdaniels member avatar

      wd Verified Purchase

      9 years ago

      I did check and the installer it did put the file in the correct place and it is now working. The installer need to be tidied up so it completes and shows in installed modules. THx.

      I saw a request to modify project task email template. Will adding Project task info in this trigger "custom/include/en_us.notify_template.html" for a customized project task email template
      or do we need to add function set_notification_body to custom/include/ProjectTask/ProjectTask.php

      I tried this in en_us.notify_template.html the but it did not pick up changes.

      <!-- BEGIN: Product Task_Subject --> CRM Project Task - {PROJECT_TASK_SUBJECT} <!-- END: Task_Subject --> <!-- BEGIN: Task --> {ASSIGNER} has assigned a Project Task to {ASSIGNED_USER}.


      You may review this Project Task at: <{URL}> <!-- END: Task --

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  • "Notifications work well, but are very basic. would love to have the ability to customize the email." - dgreene

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