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Need a way to have customers sign a receipt or for project managers to draw a mock-up in real time right inside of Sugar? Add drawing fields to any SugarCRM module right from within Studio. Especially great when out in the field using a tablet. Signatures or drawings on the spot.

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#1240 - Validate give me Error - Unexpected data returned from the server

Closed Bug? created by PCSTORM Verified Purchase 7 years ago


Have purchased, downloaded and installed this module. When copy/paste key into input box and click on Validate, I get the return that reads "Unexpected data returned from the server"

SuiteCRM Version 7.1.4 Sugar Version 6.5.18 (Build 1110)

Please assist urgently.


  1. Captivea member avatar

    Should be Sugaroutfitters related.

    Under windows, We just try under our WAMP 2.2 Dev install With SuiteCRM 7.2.1MAX + Module drawing version 1.74 downloaded from SugarOutfitters

    ==> it works great. No error while entering our serial.

    Please submit your serial at or send an email to Sugaroutfitters.

    === IT SKILLS REQUIRED BELOW === Please describe also your server environnement, and PHP version used. (this could be a PHP error) Have you disable PHP error reporting ? (else you could have warning / notice message in the AJAX calls) Did you look at your browser JS console to see at the network tab the response of the AJAX call when pressing the validate button ?

  2. jason member avatar

    jason Verified Purchase

    7 years ago


    We can help here. Make sure to enable php_curl on your server and open up your firewall to allow connections to

    Let me know how that goes.

    Cheers, Jason Eggers SugarOutfitters

    • PCSTORM member avatar

      PCSTORM Verified Purchase

      7 years ago

      Hi Jason,

      php_curl was not on, and I enabled it by removing comments from php.ini file in bin\php and also bin\apache - the also on the WAMP I selected the php_curl extention, and restarted the WAMP

      Still give the same error - although I think we are moving forward....


      PS: I also purchased the QuickCRM for CE today - and I am also having problems installing it. I hade the trial installed - and it was working great - but the licensed version also giving issues - SO might be anything on my WAMP side also....

      You help is HUGELY appreciated.


  3. PCSTORM member avatar

    PCSTORM Verified Purchase

    7 years ago

    Is there a specific port for Validation that I should open - because I briefly swithced the firewall off - and attempted the Validate again....same story C

    • jason member avatar

      jason Verified Purchase

      7 years ago

      For us it is port 443 (https). Since QuickCRM had the same issue it seems like a possible networking issue even though the firewall was turned off. Perhaps a proxy?

  4. Captivea member avatar

    Please give us your PHP version. Just to be sure you didn't installed a PHP 5.4 version

    So if you have time to setup a screenshoot of your PHPINFO + Wamp exact version used (list of components maybe) it would help

  5. PCSTORM member avatar

    PCSTORM Verified Purchase

    7 years ago


    That all worked 100% for me!!!

    curl was the real - issue, and then a good restart of everything.... also added the firewall rules - and Validated finally - thanks

    For a novice like me this was a great learning curve….

    Thank for your advice and patience.


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