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Need a way to have customers sign a receipt or for project managers to draw a mock-up in real time right inside of Sugar? Add drawing fields to any SugarCRM module right from within Studio. Especially great when out in the field using a tablet. Signatures or drawings on the spot.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4640 version compatibility - Good morning, I request your support, the current version is compatible with Sugarondemand version 1 Open General Question
#4413 Signature field is not saved while using it in a mobile browser - The signature field works as expected when using it on desktop browser but it doesn't save when ppate67 Open Bug?
#4264 Inconsistency between where the license is and where it is being checked - We get the following error in the php_errors.log. php_errors.log:[08-Nov-2019 06:21:21 America/Ch diannawhitt Open Bug?
#4087 SuiteCRM 7.10.14 - Can't Uninstall - We installed a trial and noticed the bug with being unable to save drawings from a mobile browser. cmultari Closed Installation
#3813 Request for a demo - Hey, This is a request for the Drawing and Signature Field Module demo. We need to see if this is ape10061 Closed General Question
#3774 Drawings saved in Mobile Browser (Cellphone and 10" Android Tablet) don´t work - When used in full web, you can draw and save changes OK. But in our case, we need the field for a S Ricardo Cairello Open Bug?
#3632 Field / Control does not save the signature - We are using SuiteCRM with Samsung tablets to pick the signature of clients on the road. The proble Ricardo Cairello Open Bug?
#3622 Request for a demo - Good Day This is a request for a demo for the Drawing and Signature Field Module. We need to see Karldos Closed Bug?
#3586 3rd Time Contacting about PDF signature print functionality - I need to know how to add functionality to print signatures after capture to a PDF template. I' micahyarborough Open Feature
#3413 Error when using the control over mobile devices (javascript not executing properly on mobile browsers) - We´ve been trying to use the control with SuiteCRM, with clients browsing on Android tablets. Ricardo Cairello Open Bug?
#2974 Picture - Hi there, Is it possible from the apps to store phisycally on the server the draw with a path ima Alex Closed Feature
#2917 Not able to use multiple signatures in invoice module - Hello Team, We are facing major issues with your signature plugin. We have added 3 drawing fields sue Closed Bug?
#2832 Doc sign not working - Hello, We have purchased your doc sign plugin. but its not working in invoice or account module. sue Closed Bug?
#2287 Need to create reports that show if a drawing field has or not has entries - HI We use this plugin on SuiteCRM on Accounts module, to capture the signature of the people that juanmaps71 Closed General Question
#1950 Error - Hi, When I upload pictures in notes module of QuickCRM app its uploading, but getting the following pranavjairam Closed Bug?
#1876 Sugar v7.6 compatible? - Hi, Your main description page still sates the following: _**SugarCRM v7 new modules structure is Vincent Closed General Question
#1559 [SuiteCRM 7.3.1] No field to draw in. Error 500 in browser console - Installed the drawing module and associated it with the accounts module. Font size and outline widt BrianF Closed Bug?
#1469 Not compatible with QuickCRM - Hi, Can you please help get this compatible with QuickCRM??? Thanks pranavjairam Closed Feature
#1318 No Response from Captivea - We are having an intermittent bug with the drawing field failing to save when captured from a touchs donkennedy Closed Bug?
#1263 Can i get a reposne? - Please? dbphoto84 Closed General Question
#1256 Error 500 - When saving record with image. - Whenever saving the page fails. Does this require any special php extensions? dbphoto84 Closed Bug?
#1242 STILL NOT VALIDATED!!! - Hi, I do not know why the previous bug was closed - my Validate still gives and error!!!!!! Plea PCSTORM Closed Bug?
#1240 Validate give me Error - Unexpected data returned from the server - Hi, Have purchased, downloaded and installed this module. When copy/paste key into input box and PCSTORM Closed Bug?
#1020 How to Display Drawing Field in PDF Templates - I'm sure I'm not going to be the first person to ask this, as given that you've creat donkennedy Closed Feature
#1016 English Translation for Clear confirmation dialog ? - I noticed in the release notes that there was an English translation, but my plugin is still in Fren donkennedy Closed Bug?
#1015 Mouse drawn pictures save; touchscreen drawings do not - I really appreciate the fact you guys built this plugin for SugarCE. It is really helpful! I am donkennedy Closed Feature
#996 Attempted Install of Module Wiped Out Admin Console : PHP 5.3 version required - Attempted to install the module and it completely wiped out the admin console. I attempted to acces donkennedy Closed Bug?
  • "This is a must have for anyone who needs a signature capture field! Thanks to Captivea for making it!"

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