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#927 - Selecting Fields from related Modules

Open Feature created by BoBo Verified Purchase 8 years ago

We successfully installed Sequencing and will buy it. But we need to select fields from a related module to use as a prefix in Sequencing.

Example: "My Custom Id" in Modul A should be filled in with a prefix using the field value X of the related Module B.

Any idea or plan to allow the selection of related module fields?

  1. cm_sugar member avatar

    CM & Sugar Provider Affiliate

    8 years ago


    thanks for your purchase! At first, let me get this clear. How do you want your feature working? If you use a related field for example account_name at a new Contact for a prefix (for example at description), there must be a dynamic way and UI workflow of selecting it first and then adding to the sequence field. Or do you want to define such a prefix at the set-up for a sequence itself, which will never change?

    Right now I can confirm you, such a feature won't be an easy gadget and will take time. Perhaps it would be also more efficient, investing lesser time for an individual customization, if you just need for some certain usecases.

    • chrisbochsler member avatar

      BoBo Verified Purchase

      8 years ago


      thank you for the quick response! Guess we need something simple to choose a related "Module" and "Field" when creating the sequence (i.e. a similar UI which is used by SugarCRM/SuiteCRM when you create an e-mail or pdf template or workflow for selecting the placeholder variables used by the template).

      After that when Sequencing creates the sequence for a specific record it should get the actual value of this field and use it for the final ID.

      Hope it is understandable what we intend to achieve?

      This might be also a generic approach which allows a lot of flexibility for putting together custom sequences.

  2. cm_sugar member avatar

    CM & Sugar Provider Affiliate

    8 years ago

    I got your point and its clear. However, there is one question left for me. Compared to those PDF template logic of AOF modules (copy and pasted by Suite...) you presume a given record and its relationship. This will work fine, once the relationship is issued and the related ID field is saved. Though creating a NEW record, such existing association between two records (eg Contact to Account) is not exisitng yet. Therefore a defined sequence on such a field wont work at all. The workflow cant autopopulate any values, if its not clear, which records will be linked. How you want to resolve that conflict? Do you have any special UI workflow (filling fields in a special order)?

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