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Need to set up a numbering system to track your records? Define and add a unique identifier field to any SugarCRM record. Option rich so that you can define the alphanumeric format that you need. Start tracking your Quote, Cases, Accounts and any other module today.

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#3991 Compatibly with Sugar8 - Hi There, Just wondering if this addon works with Sugar 8.1? deepika.kumar Open Feature
#3467 sugar 7 - Is this compatible with Sugar 7 ? I tried downloading it but the module loader suggests it is not co pratapkunal Closed Installation
#2899 Sequences - I've been using the Sequences add on for a couple of years and have discovered that it occasionally richardweir Open Bug?
#2779 Running Error - Dear Sir, I use this add-on to create my unique account number. There is no problem when I creat jarred Open Bug?
#2751 Repeated Values - I currently have a version of SuiteCRM 7.2.2 and the sequence module 1.3.0 but unfortunately I have ferbuse Open Bug?
#2670 Sequencer creates issues on edit view - Hi again :) Hope you are well We are using the sequencer inside a CRM project We use it with taufiqueahmed Open Bug?
#2523 Duplicates occurring - We're using this on the Cases module, with up to 5 people entering cases during the day. Our purpos jpaul Open Bug?
#2314 7.7 Support - Would love to see Sugar 7.7 supported mtuttle Open Feature
#2261 Initial Fill not populating fields - Hi, I am using the sequencing plugin on SuiteCRM 7.1.2. The sequences module version is 1.3.1. I tsalex33 Open Bug?
#2140 Convert lead to contact does not auto-generate ID; rather says: 'Unique Customer Number' - The Sequence add on didn't fill in or auto generate number in Leads Convert layout. When I convert L kmarshall Open Bug?
#2054 Value of a field as prefix in the new sequential numbering - I have a cuestion: Can I put the value of a field as prefix in the new sequential numbering?? we ha ferbuse Open Feature
#2021 Can't create a sequence for Contact: Database error - I just installed CM & Sugar Sequencing Add-on I get the error: 'Database failure. Please refe kmarshall Closed Bug?
#2006 Sugar Sequencing Add-on - Hello. We need a opportunity-number like 160310ab01 in which the first 6 numbers came from the actua Martin Heel Open General Question
#1723 Sequencer fills in a value however it wont increment to the next figure - Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001) I have been trying to use the sequencer on some custom modules Cerothen Closed Bug?
#1536 Works on Initial but only continues to 1000 - Hello there I have installed your plugin and am going through testing now I have 2,520 Contact taufiqueahmed Open Bug?
#1378 SuiteCRM? Auto-Increment field feature questions, sequencing, etc - Hello, I found this Add-on through the SuiteCRM extension website and would like to ask whether i hiyoshi Open General Question
#1205 Sequencing stopped - The auto sequencing stopped. The pattern was working great from LD00001 to LD10387 but it has been richardweir Open Bug?
#1201 Sequencing pull down - We have a number scheme already which I would like your product to emulate. Two examples our Uniq madeinusa Open Feature
#1169 Sequence didn't auto generate number in Leads covert layout - Hi, The Sequence add on didn't fill in or auto generate number in Leads Convert layout. When I matoulas Open Bug?
#1136 Doesn't fill Quick Create form - I've made a working field in Cases, which fills and increments properly. I edited the layout for Qu jpaul Closed Bug?
#1135 Advanced Search doesn't work - I've purchased and installed, and successfully have a field incrementing in the Cases module. Howev jpaul Closed Bug?
#927 Selecting Fields from related Modules - We successfully installed Sequencing and will buy it. But we need to select fields from a related mo BoBo Open Feature
#764 Sequence add on didn't stay the same number when edited. - Hi, I bought the sequence add on from you guy a month ago. When I create a new Contact in the Con matoulas Closed Bug?
#675 Sequence - Hi, I’ve created the contact number field in the contact Module for the Sequences add on to matoulas Closed Bug?
#661 Sequencing Add-on - Hi, I would like to know before purchasing your Sequencing Add-on. I am currently using Sugar CR matoulas Open General Question
#634 Note working white my version af sugarcrm - version af Sugar:7.2.0 than Open Bug?
  • "The support I received from the developer was outstanding! This plugin works perfectly with our intended project!"

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