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Need to set up a numbering system to track your records? Define and add a unique ID identifier field to any SugarCRM record. Many options to define any alphanumeric format you need. Start tracking your Quote, Cases, Accounts and any other module today..

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An Auto Increment Field for SugarCRM

This add-on provides an easy way of generating auto sequence numbering of any SugarCRM module.

Have a Unique Format?

We most likely can support it. With a wide range of options, most any format can be created. By choosing from options such as a prefix, suffix, separator, zero padding, the number to start at, and even appending a date of any format, it's hard to find formats that aren't supported.


Works With Existing Records

Edit an existing record and your custom Sequence will be automatically applied. Want to have your new sequence automatically applied to all existing records? Simply use the "Initial Fill" tool.

Simple Setup

Admins can quickly create new Sequences for any module.

We're here to support and help you with anything that you may need. If you have any questions use the "Ask a Question" button above or create a Support case. We support English, German and Spanish languages.

Yours, CM & Sugar


  • Unique numbering for invoices, opportunities, etc. without a complex maintenance
  • Saves time and increases efficiency
  • Autoincrement almost any type of field for most modules
  • No customization of current modules required
  • Setup and configuration is accessible by administrators only
  • Aligns with defined workflows
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