by Solutions Metrix

Create a dynamic list based on your collected data and always be up to date with your audience in SugarCRM! The Solutions Metrix Dynamic Target List add-on empowers you to easily build dynamic lists based on best practices, combining the strength of reports with the efficiency of prospect lists.

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Installation Guide

Installing the Add-on

1. Backup

It is recommended to backup your instance files and database before installing any module or upgrade package.

2. Download the module

Download the zip file from the purchases page of your Sugar Outfitters account.

3. Connect to SugarCRM

Login to your instance as an admin user and open the Module Loader from the Administration page.

4. Module Loader: Upload package

Upload the package .zip to Module Loader [screenshot]

5. Module Loader: Install and Commit

Proceed to install and Commit [screenshot]

6. Licence Validation

Enter your license key from SugarOutfitters and click on "Validate" button. [screenshot]

Congratulations, the module is now installed and ready to use ! Proceed to Admin Guide to discover how to use the module.

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