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Why should I use OpportunitiesAlerts if I can enter Sugar, filter the opportunities from search or advanced search view and see them?

OpportunitiesAlerts is a solution for users that can't be stuck to Sugar during their workday, or that feel that they would like that reports are delivered automatically to their email address. For example on monday morning, while they are having breakfast, want to see the pending businesses in their email or cellphone.

How can I change the date of the report?

You can enter to "admin" "schedulers", look for OpportunitiesAlerts, and change the date and time of the reports.

How can I tell OpportunitiesAlerts to send the email to one or more person?

The recipient or recipients must be Sugar users. You must create a role, where you can include those users (suppose a role named: "CRMAlerts Recipients"). Then, in "Admin" "OpportunitiesAlerts Configuration" you select as a recipient that role, and thats it!.

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