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Have calculated fields and logic hooks that your business depends on for reporting and business logic. Unfortunately those rules only run when a record is saved. Background Updater runs in the background to ensure your records are regularly updated so you can be sure your data is up to date.

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How many records can be updated each run?

This depends on your infrastructure and the number of calculated fields and logic hooks you have. We set a maximum of 2000 records for each module per run but you could run into timeout issues even at this amount. We show the number of records not updated in the last 24 hours during configuration so we recommend setting the number of records to update each run accordingly.

How often does the job run?

During installation we create a scheduler to run every 10 minutes. This translates to 144 runs per day. This scheduler can be modified but it shouldn't be set to run too often because we don't want jobs to collide.

How are the records queried to be updated

During each run we update the date modified of the focus record and during the next run we grab those with the latest date modified.

How do I know if the background updater is working?

When the scheduler runs we update each configuration with a last run date and the number of records updated. If these values aren't correct then either your cron job isn't running properly or too many records are being updated each run and the server is running into timeout issues.

A module I want to configure isn't showing in the Target Module list

If a module isn't showing that you want to configure navigate to Administration->Dropdown Editor and update the list called 'cf_module_list'. The left field should be the value that shows in the browser address bar when you are in the module minus the #. The right field can be the display value for the module.

My records aren't updating

Go into an Active Background Updater module configuration records and look at the Logs Subpanel. Check if the status is License Invalid. If so this indicates your license for this product is expired or the authentication with Sugar Outfitters isn't working. Contact us through the support link if this happens.

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