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Have calculated fields and logic hooks that your business depends on for reporting and business logic. Unfortunately those rules only run when a record is saved. Background Updater runs in the background to ensure your records are regularly updated so you can be sure your data is up to date.

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Installation Guide

Installing the Add-on

1. [Step 1]

It is always a good idea to backup your instance files and database before installing any module or upgrading

2. [Step 2]

Download the zip file from the purchases page within your Sugar Outfitters account. Make sure you download the correct file for your instance.

3. [Step 3]

Login to your instance as an admin and access the Module Loader from the Administration Page

4. [Step 4]

Upload the downloaded .zip package moduleloader.png

5. [Step 5]


6. [Step 6]

Enter your license key from Sugar Outfitters


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