Ever wish your Twitter followers and conversations could be associated with your CRM contacts and cases? With GetSocial Twitter Pro you can convert Twitter users to leads, monitor your feed for trends, convert tweets to cases, and even tweet and converse directly within SugarCRM.

GetSocial Twitter Pro is perfect for any business looking to leverage social media more effectively and efficiently. With integration between Twitter and SugarCRM, multiple people can interact easily with the same Twitter account on behalf of a company or organization. By decentralizing the Twitter account you can keep the login details private from employees, and keep track of separate conversations between representatives and customers.

Another handy feature of GetSocial Twitter Pro is the ability to schedule tweets to be sent at a specific time. This is perfect for software releases, PR announcements or other planned events. You can also manage multiple Twitter accounts from within the same SugarCRM instance, allowing for even more automation, communication and organization.

Setting up GetSocial Pro is a very simple process, and within minutes you can securely connect it to a Twitter account and start monitoring Tweets and interacting with customers. The modules have minimal clutter and an intuitive workflow.

Next to every Tweet in SugarCRM are two buttons that create a SugarCRM lead or case, simplifying marketing, customer retention, and customer support while still connecting directly with the customer. GetSocial Twitter Pro lives up to its name and helps you connect and interact with customers and potential customers like a pro.

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