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Save time and bring your team together with Yathit InboxCRM, the only SugarCRM and Gmail integration you need. No more copying text and switching browser tabs just to save contact information from a Gmail message. Use SugarCRM's templates to reach out to customers faster, and even view your customer activity feeds right inside Gmail.

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Gmail and SugarCRM Made Powerful

Managing contact information within any company is a challenge, but we've made the task easier for those of you who rely on Gmail. Yathit InboxCRM joins the power of Gmail and SuiteCRM into one seamless experience when using Chrome, safeguarding your important contact information and bringing it out exactly when you need it.

Create Contacts On The Fly

Instead of copying and pasting text from one browser tab into another, InboxCRM lets you create new contacts and leads with just one click, automatically capturing information directly from the message. Creating new contacts couldn't be easier.

  • Quickly create or edit Leads, Contacts and Accounts. All editable fields are supported.
  • Use InboxCRM's menu to display or hide specific fields.
  • Click the provided link to view your new record on the SugarCRM site.

gmail sugarcrm chrome

Know Your Customers Better

With quick access to all of your important contact information inside Gmail, you'll always be ready for any customer meeting, phone call or email.

  • Easily view the activity feed, upcoming appointments and calls, pending tasks and cases.
  • View sender or recipient contact information and history—automatically displayed on the right side—when reading any email, Hover over the email addresses to change the target contact to display.
  • Keep up with your contacts via their social media updates and profiles, and see other public information they've shared online, all from within Gmail.

Gmail sidebar for SugarCRM

Bring Your Team On Board

Convincing everyone in your company to enter new data into SugarCRM is always a challenge, but using InboxCRM ensures everyone on the team is able to easily contribute and benefit from using these tools.

  • Your CRM is always available while viewing email in the browser, making viewing and updating records painless.
  • New leads won't fall through the cracks when creating new records is so easy.
  • All of your teammates, including the marketing department and sales reps, have access to the latest customer information every time they log in.

Make The System Do The Hard Work

Not only is InboxCRM smart enough to find all the right data in your emails, it even brings SugarCRM's tools into Gmail, providing powerful data management in a convenient package.

sugarcrm template in gmail
  • Meeting event is synchronized between Google and SugarCRM, so you won't have to worry about updating each service.
  • See alerts and activity notifications from SugarCRM in Gmail.
  • Use any of SugarCRM's email templates when creating new emails. Dynamic fields such as contact name and address are automatically filled in with your SugarCRM and Google contact data.

And More!

Quickly search all kinds of SugarCRM records inside Gmail. The full-text search includes name, emails, phone number, title, record id and description.

Search SugarCRM record
archive email

Directly archive Gmail messages to SugarCRM. You can also upload Gmail attachments to the SugarCRM document module with just one click.

Track your sent emails with one click while composing any email. When your recipient opens the email, you will be instantly notified. Links inside the message can also be tracked, and tracking statistics are available on the Extension Options page.

Track email send
Track email send

Yathit InboxCRM makes it easy to synchronize your SugarCRM contacts with your Google Contacts. See all of your SugarCRM contacts directly in your Google Contact list, automatically. No setup required.

Yathit Chrome Extension is the best tool for integrating SugarCRM with Gmail. Install it today!

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