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November Round-Up

Published Add-Ons

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Add-On Features

Upsert Deduplicate offers simple but sophisticated duplicate-record detection for a clean database by detecting and merging duplicates.


After many requests, we are very pleased to share that Messaging for Sugar (SMS) by Faye (known previously in Sugar Exchange as Sugar Messaging) is now live! Messaging for Sugar allows users to send and receive texts, voicemails, emails, and images within the platform.

Boost call volume and live client interactions with live lead dial, 1-click emails, follow ups and more using PhoneBurner for Sugar.


SugarOutfitters’ homepage redesign is here! The new page will help visitors find and discover add-ons more quickly, prompting users with Popular Add-Ons and New Add-Ons, and leading to curated collections and categories.

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