E-signature solutions are a must these days for managing any document requiring a signature. Utilizing these solutions can greatly reduce the hassle and time to get key agreements signed and executed.

DocuSign is a very popular signing solution and for good reason. And with this integration you can utilize DocuSign templates within SugarCRM and map fields between your docs and SugarCRM fields.

Highlevel Overview

A complete SugarCRM and DocuSign integration which allows us to quickly pull data from SugarCRM modules like Account, Contact, Lead, Prospect, User, Quote and Contract and then send them out for signature directly from SugarCRM. The signed document's fields are then returned to SugarCRM and attached to the corresponding SugarCRM records. The signed documents are returned to SugarCRM and attached to the document envelope.

Utilize DocuSign Templates

Right from within SugarCRM access your DocuSign templates and send to any accounts, contacts, leads, prospects, quotes, or contracts.


Field Mapping

Map your fields between SugarCRM and DocuSign.


To learn more about this solution go to DocuSign or search for "DocuSign".