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Automate your CRM Currency Administration Currency Controller updates currency exchange rates automatically. Background processes check for updates up to every hour so your system is as up to date as possible.

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The answer to your currency administration problems

You chose SugarCRM for a lot of reasons. Extreme flexibility. Ease of customization. Great return on investment.

But let’s face it, at the end of the day, you saw how it could help your bottom line.

Imagine a sales person has an opportunity for a customer in Brazil and your organization's base currency is Euros. The opportunity was identified on May 25th for 10,000 BRL. With negotiations and specification engineering the sales cycle took three months.

On May 25 the EUR-BRL exchange rate was 4.259084 so the 10,000 BRL converted to 2347.92 EUR. However, on August 25 when the deal was closed the EUR-BRL exchange rate was 4.775611 and was worth 2093.97 EUR.

If your organization deals with more than one currency this situation is not unfamiliar. While dealing with exchange rates is unavoidable giving your users visibility into currency fluctuations can help them greatly.

As a SugarCRM user dealing with more than one currency you know how troublesome keeping the currency rates up to date in SugarCRM can be. Some of the pain points we often hear are:

  • Why can't I import currencies to update them?
  • Can I really only update one currency at a time?
  • Where do I get up to date currency information
  • How can our users see how the exchange rates have changed over time

Currency Controller helps solve all of these problems and more.

We access the same API that some of the largest companies in the world and over 200,000 other users use to keep their currency data up to date. Conversion rate updates are available at least every 10 minutes so your data is as accurate as possible.

Currency Controller

  • Keep over 160 currencies conversion rates up to date based on your system default currency
  • Sync conversion rates on any schedule you choose as frequently as every hour
  • Source data updates available every 10 minutes
  • Free setup assistance and walk through
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Keep Exchange Rates Up To Date

Every version of Currency Controller has a component that reaches out to and grabs the most recent conversion rates based on whichever default currency is set for your CRM.

As frequently as every 10 minutes conversion rates for over 160 currencies (including Bitcoin, Silver, and Gold) are pulled and all Active currencies in your CRM are updated. We also insert any new currencies not identified in your CRM already and set to an Inactive status so your list will always be up to date.


What about currency conversions within records?

Currency Converter updates the currency conversion rates in the Currencies module of SugarCRM. Some default SugarCRM modules also have a default in field that is stores the system default currency conversion right on the record.

As an example the Opportunities module has an Amount field and a corresponding Amount (USD) field which upon save converts the Amount value to the system default currency. Many organizations that deal with multiple currencies want to report on their default currency so they have customized additional fields with similar functionality for other currency type fields so they can report on all records in their default currency.

Currency Controller does NOT update any records other than the Currencies module records. Typically these records are only updated when the record is saved either by a user or integration.

We realize your financial data is sensitive and want to treat it carefully. There are several methods to handle updating records but a blanket approach would not work for all customers. Please contact us to discuss how we can help find the best solution to keep your records up to date.

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