If your company deals with more than one currency then you can relate to some of these common challenges in managing those currencies in your CRM:

  • Why can't I import currencies to update them?
  • Can I really only update one currency at a time?
  • Where do I get up-to-date currency information?
  • How can our users see how the exchange rates have changed over time?

If that sounds familiar than Currency Controller is for you. Read on to learn more...

Highlevel Overview

Automate your CRM Currency Administration. Currency Controller updates currency exchange rates automatically. Background processes check for updates up to every hour so your system is as up to date as possible.

Currency History View

SugarCRM Currency History View

Up-to-date Currency Rates

Up-to-date Currency Rates in SugarCRM

To learn more about this solution go to Currency Controller or search for "currency".