We have always been about providing you the solutions you need to get the most benefit out of Sugar for you business. But until today, we did that only with off-the-shelf SugarCRM add-ons. Starting now, you can also find off-the-shelf service packages to give your business the kick start it needs.

The first release of service packages come from Intelestream. They specialize in working with businesses at all stages of their CRM life cycle to pinpoint and solve their specific business needs.

Intelestream Service Packages

Here is a sample of one of the packages:

KPI Discovery Session

Don’t let valuable data slip away. Let our experts assist by identifying the KPIs that your business requires, and the best ways to tailor your CRM to measure them and other business metrics.

KPI Discovery Session

You can find this and many other packages on the Consulting Service Offerings page.

If you are interested in posting your own service offerings you can get started here. Be sure to check out Offering Service Packages on SugarOutfitters as well.

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