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Ensure your CRM implementation gets off to a flying start with an expert consultation covering everything you need to know, from both a technical and business viewpoint.

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Every CRM implementation starts with the right planning. Start with a business discovery session, where we spend an hour, with a Senior Consultant, talking through both technical and business aspects of introducing a new application.

Business Discovery Session Outline:

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Technical Discussion

  • Discuss use cases and overview of business requirements
  • Review business processes and overall objectives for implementing the web application.
  • Determine high level approach
  • Discuss current database schema
  • Advise on systems management based on best practices
  • Identify what integrations to pursue

Business Discussion

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  • Identify risk factors
  • Calculate ROI
  • Detail business needs met by implementing the system including revenue growth, reduced costs, and scaling the business
  • Budgetary Restraints - Upfront vs. amortized costs