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Managing financial matters has never been this effortless! Seamlessly link records, track payments and request funds on a single click. Install RT SugarStripe and start managing your finances today!

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Managing financial matters in your Sugar just got a whole lot easier with RT SugarStripe! RT SugarStripe seamlessly integrates Stripe with SugarCRM, making it the perfect companion for your organization. Whether its managing or tracking payments, you can do it all while providing greater flexibility and convenience.

Seamless Integration

Leveraging Stripe’s flexible API, we have integrated Stripe with Sugar to ensure a cohesive and coherent experience across the board for all our clients.

Secure And Trustworthy

Manage all your transactions directly from within Sugar with RT SugarStripe, bringing the secure network of Stripe into SugarCRM. Achieve PCI-DSS compliance for your payments and ensure total protection of your clients’ billing information. With secure tokenization of user’s payment info, all data is stored securely with Stripe.

Track Payments

Track and manage your payments from within Sugar with RT SugarStripe. Our plugin eliminates the need of going back and forth between the platforms. All your data will be right where you need it.

Complete Control

Configure and receive all payment-related notifications in your Sugar. Leverage real-time reporting and avoid the hassle of going through unorganized payment data.

Split Payments (coming soon)

With RT SugarStripe, you can request payments with ease. Split them the way you like it or set them in a recurring format to bring simplicity to your financial matters.

RT SugarStripe Documents

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