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New Feature: Questions

Posted by on March 1, 2013

It’s been an awesome first six months of SugarOutfitters. Since launching, the payout checks we’ve had the opportunity to write to SugarCRM app developers on SugarOutfitters have increased every month. In our constant attempt to optimize a SugarCRM specific app store, we’ve learned that some people need just a little more reassurance than others before making that purchase, especially on higher-priced items. To help solve this, we recently launched Questions; a simple way for members to contact sellers and ask a question during the pre-sale process.

By simply clicking on the “Contact” button for any add-on, Questions allows for a private conversation to be kicked off between the visitor and the creator of the add-on. When a question is created, sellers will receive an email notification and have the opportunity to respond.

Using the already-established comment system within SugarOutfitters, visitors and sellers can have a conversation that will ultimately help close the sale.

Below is a perfect example of Questions in action. Soon after the feature was released, a member asked a question about a theme, the seller responded with a great answer and moments later the member purchased the theme. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Do you have a question that you’ve been waiting to ask for an add-on? Now’s your chance to do so! Find that add-on and ask away.