Mailchimp launches the Customer Journey builder

Coming a long way from its easy-to-use email design tool days during the mid-2000s, Mailchimp has grown into the leading all-in-one marketing platform for small to mid-sized businesses, helping customers worldwide to reach their desired audience and grow. Recently, Mailchimp added an exciting new feature to its software called the Customer Journey builder. This new marketing automation capability places your customers on a customized path of relevant email communications that help close sales.

We'll share the top features below and why SugarCRM users should consider using Mailchimp powered by SugarChimp — the bi-directional integration for Sugar and Mailchimp.

Mailchimp's Customer Journey Builder Features

"When it comes to automating your marketing, we know it takes more than a simple welcome email to keep your brand top of mind. With the Customer Journey builder you can design countless ways to engage with your customers based on how they interact with your business." — Mailchimp

MC customer journey builder.gif

1. Design a path to take customers from prospect to purchase

Create experiences for your customers based on who they are and how they interact with your business.

2. Get the conversation started—and keep it going

Starting points kick everything off in your automated journey and put customers on their own path. No matter what conversation you want to have with a customer, we’ll help get it started.

3. Deliver flexible experiences

Rules like branching points and delays help deliver relevant messages to your customers based on their interactions and behaviors.

4. Stay top of mind

Automatically send beautiful, personalized emails when the moment is right, so you can get back to running your business.

5. Automatically tag customer interests

Automate behind-the-scenes changes to your audience. Use tags to organize your contacts based on interactions, their level of engagement, and anything else you feel is important.

6. See what's working

When someone enters your automation workflow, you'll be able to see and measure how they're engaging as they move along their journey.

What does this mean for your current email marketing situation?

For those using Mailchimp and the SugarChimp integration for SugarCRM, this freshly-added capability is one more reason why Mailchimp is the gold standard in email marketing. If you are underwhelmed by your current email add-on for SugarCRM or you are wasting time toggling between separate platforms, not to mention manually exporting and importing your data, learn more about SugarChimp and its powerhouse capabilities in the video below.

Summary of SugarChimp Features

  • Solves time wasted manually exporting/importing subscribers on every campaign run
  • Bi-directional, always-on integration that syncs target lists in both directions.
  • Syncs All MailChimp List Fields and SugarCRM Contact/Account/Target/Lead Fields
  • Special support to seamlessly sync MailChimp Dropdown & Radio fields to SugarCRM Dropdowns
  • Can manage lists in either SugarCRM or MailChimp
  • Excellent onboarding wizard that gets you set up and running in minutes
  • Supports subscriber opt-out preferences
  • Keeps your data clean. Prevents duplicate subscribers.
  • Re-architected to be massively scalable and efficient
  • Outstanding support built right in
  • See recent subscriber activity from any Contact, Account, Lead, or Target in SugarCRM
  • View Campaign Summary Reports from within SugarCRM
  • Sync MailChimp Activity Records into SugarCRM for full reporting and workflow integration [Pro and Ultimate only]
  • Import MailChimp Rating Field to be used in Sugar for Lead Scoring [Pro and Ultimate only]
  • Automated Syncing [Pro and Ultimate only]
  • Advanced Filter Syncing [Ultimate only]
  • Sync by SQL Query [Ultimate only]
  • Advanced Field Mapping [Ultimate only]

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