Introducing an easy, new way for SugarCRM partners to generate revenue for your SugarCRM implementation business: Affiliate Reseller Links.

How does it work?

Simply add a "tag" at the end of a url containing your affiliate code and share it however you would like. Whenever someone clicks on the link we will associate that click to your code. Any and all future purchases from that click will now automatically be credited to you.

You earn 10% on ALL immediate and future purchases, subscription renewals, and user count increases that result from that single click.

Link to any content on the site including:

  • SugarCRM Add-on pages
  • Any interesting blog post
  • SugarOutfitters home page

Link from anywhere including:

  • Your website
  • Your product catalog
  • An email campaign
  • Social media
  • Any personal email to a prospect or client

If a future visit by that person eventually results in a sale, you will get credited for it.

Want to link to a specific add-on from your site? Click on the "Grab My Reseller Link to Share" button on any add-on to grab the URL to share.

Generate more leads!

When your code is used on a sale you will receive both an email and a webhooks notification, if you have that configured. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself, if you haven't already done so, to offer any help or additional services that they may find helpful.

Tools, tools, tools...

Not sure if you included your "tag" correctly? Just use the Test Your Link tool to verify it:

Want to see what your current and future sales look like? Check out the revenue and subscription chart:

Go, go, go!

Already a SugarOutfitters Affiliate Reseller? Log in, go to Account, and then to Reseller Info to access your reseller information and tools

With the Affiliate Reseller Program being free to join, there is no risk. Join today and get started.