How to Improve the Quality of your Customer Surveys

Surveys are the best way to get feedback on your products and/or services to gather data to plan your next strategy. The reason can be many, but surveys have turned out extremely helpful.

To conduct the most helpful surveys, Survey Rocket is your one-stop solution for SugarCRM users.

One of the most useful features of Survey Rocket is Skip Logic.

Skip Logic Means Quality Data, Let’s Prove It!

Skip Logic lets you take respondents to a different set of questions based on their previous responses. You can use Skip Logic for different purposes. Let's find out more about it.


What Happens if You Don’t Use Skip Logic in your Surveys?

Let’s start with a simple example. You want to conduct a survey on the movie Avatar: The Way of Water. So, you will ask “How much did you like the movie Avatar: The Way of Water?” The audience has to give ratings from 1 star to 5 stars.

The question seems reasonable but is it the first question you should be asking to your audience?

Your audience will include people who have watched the movie and the ones who haven’t.

If you directly ask them how the movie was, the ones who haven’t watched it might also answer and give the lowest ratings rather than skipping the survey.

This means you won’t have actual results. Your results will also include the ones who haven’t watched the movie.

To get actual data you would want the answers from the ones who have watched the movie. And so your first question should go like, “Have you watched the movie Avatar: The Way of Water?”

The ones who have watched the movie will say yes, and the next question they would be shown would be whether they liked it or not.

The ones who have not watched it would deny it, and they can be shown other questions like whether they are planning to watch the movie.

Showing different questions based on their previous answers is done by Skip Logic. You will have more refined and accurate results if you use Skip Logic.

You would be working hard on conducting the survey and using those results in your future work or strategies. You do not want to to adulterate them.

Where is Skip Logic Useful

Skip logic is helpful on almost all surveys that target specific audiences. To make it more clear, we have highlighted some of the projects which should definitely use skip logic.

  • During the new product launch: We all want to know whether a new product will buzz the market or not. Well, you can conduct a survey and see whether people are interested in it or not. Ask your target audience whether they would buy the product or not. This survey will be helpful in two ways. First, you will get your answer. Secondly, it will work as an advertisement. If someone is unaware of the product launch, they will have your product in mind and be curious to learn more about it.

  • Check whether the customer is satisfied: When you want to know whether the customers are happy after taking a certain service from you. Here you can use skip logic to ask whether they have taken the particular service or product for pure data. You will have responses from the ones who have actually used it rather than coming from your customer who purchased some other product or service.

Whatever industry you are in, targeting a specific audience while surveying will give you the richest data to analyze. Thinking of including the skip logic in your next survey? Before you do that, the next point is something you should know.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using Skip Logic

Humans are prone to errors. You might end up making a small mistake that creates issues while taking a survey. Here are some most common mistakes:

  • Skipping to the wrong question: When you have long or complex surveys, there are chances to make mistakes. You might skip the respondents to the wrong question. It is advised to thoroughly check all the questions and logic before confirming it. Try it yourself by selecting all the options one by one to see what the next question is going to be.

  • Trapped in circular logic: When you have skip logic included in your survey, and you allow your customers to go backward in the survey, chances are that they will be trapped in the circular logic. So ensure you never take your respondents backward in the survey. To avoid any such situation, always make flowcharts. Flowcharts give more clarity on the flow of the survey.

  • Skipping logic multiple times: When you add multiple logic, the same respondent cannot be skipped to two different locations at once. So it is best to keep it simple. You should avoid multiple skip logic and questions that have multiple answers.

Skip Logic Makes the Survey Experience Better

Implying skip logic in your survey means improving customer experience as you are saving customers from answering a survey that is irrelevant to them.

  • Tailor it for your customer: If the survey is for a specific audience, for example, pregnant women, asking it to other women or men would make no sense to them and adulterate your data. Skip logic simplifies from the very start for whom the survey is. Your customers won’t get frustrated. While conducting the survey, they would feel that the survey is exclusively made for them.

  • Smooth Flow: When you use skip logic, you can skip unnecessary questions. Only add relevant and to-the-point questions so that respondents can quickly complete the survey. If everything goes in one flow, respondents will not leave the survey midway.

Final Words

All this discussion is enough to prove that the Skip Logic feature is something you must use while conducting surveys. If you are looking for a survey tool that includes a skip logic feature, Survey Rocket, a SugarCRM survey tool, is your one-stop solution. Contact our team to know more about the tool and its features.