Generating one-off documents or en masse for a bulk send has just gotten a whole lot easier with DocParser. Works great for any type of hosting environment.

Highlevel Overview

DocParser creates PDF or MS Word documents based on any record and it's related data. DocParser can be used to merge information from any module into a presentation-quality document and create an MS Word and PDF documents. The parsed document can be downloaded from both the List view and Detail view.

Need More Info?

The User Guide is packed with info on how to use this tool. See how you can be generating docs such as invoices, high level account overviews, or any sort of PDF for your unique business needs:

Create PDFs or MS Word Files

As you select or deselect records on a list the map will automatically update on the side.



The template editor makes it easy to layout your document. Select the base module and include any related modules you need to pull in that crucial additional information. Works great with custom modules.


To learn more about this solution go to Customer Map Locator or search for "locator".