Add Your Own Formatting for PDF / Excel Outputs

Having data and charts nicely organized on your dashboard is great, but there is often still a need to have combined, formatted data and summaries in PDF or Excel format.

We have clients who have spent several hours every week or every month just pulling data to excel manually, updating functions and calculations, adjusting formats, then printing to PDF and then emailing it to the partners or management team. Repeating this process over again and again.

But that was before they implemented Sapiens.BI!

Now, imagine how much time and effort is saved and how many manual errors are avoided by having charts, summaries and measures - everything needed to automatically populate the PDF or Excel file in the format exactly the way you like it. Colors, text format, functions, print layouts - everything updated automatically with fresh data and automatically sent via email to all the target recipients.

Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 12.29.23 PM.png

Watch our YouTube short here

And it is more than just time saved, it's also the power of a single source of truth for both interactive dashboards in your screen and document attachments via mailbox - trusted data and processes.

For more information or to set up a trial please contact:

Barney Lawrence-Jones, Head of Sales (+971 585 066934)

For any technical queries please contact:

Eva Narunovska, Founder (+971 585 824484)

To read more about our available tools, see Sapiens.BI and Sapiens.BI PRO in SugarOutfitters.