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Advertising, SEO, and more

Posted by on December 31, 2013

When you list on SugarOutfitters you get much more than just a storefront. You get a dedicated team that is constantly finding new and improved ways to get the word out about your solution; matching your solution with the people who need it. Here are 4 of the many ways that we do that...

1. Targeted Remarketing

The sales cycle for an add-on can take time depending on the circumstances. They may just be in the exploration phase or might just not be ready yet. We work on your behalf to keep your solution front-and-center in their mind so that when they are ready they'll remember to come back to your solution.

2. A/B Testing

From call-to-actions, to sales copy, to payment checkout and more, we constantly monitor and improve the SugarCRM marketplace to see how we can more clearly communicate expectations along each step of the journey while simplifying the whole buying experience.

3. SEO Campaigns

In the ever changing world of search engine algorithms it can be hard to stay on top. Of course, content is king. In addition to the helpful add-on reviews and developer tips blog posts, we also leverage our own SEO team and tools to help keep your add-on landing pages in front of the people who are looking for your solutions.

4. PPC Campaigns

As part of our normal add-on review process, we analyze the target audience and keywords that would make the best fit for your SugarCRM product. Based on that analysis, we kick off campaigns via a multiple of channels such as AdWords, landing pages, and direct marketing agreements with various sites.

List Your SugarCRM Add-on

Best of all, there are no upfront costs and no exclusivity requirements. You can still run your own storefront if you'd like while taking advantage of our many benefits. You can even use our store with your storefront and earn an additional 10% for each sale coming from your storefront.

Ready? With nothing to lose, submit your SugarCRM add-on today!